Company Profile


Welltech Service Corporation was founded in 1990 by a group of Technical Engineers and Managers who are experts in the field of Instrumentation, Automation and Calibration of Process Control System.



Welltech’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001 by Certification International Philippines, Inc. since April 1999 and accredited to PNS ISO/IEC 17025 by Philippine Accreditation Bureau since June 2006.


Welltech Service Corporation is comprises of Calibration Department, Industrial and Building Controls Department, Sales Group, Quality Group, and Environmental & Safety Group.


The Calibration Department provides state-of-the art calibration services to many different industries in either our own environmentally controlled laboratory facility or at customer sites. The goal is to provide effective calibration at a low cost, fast service and to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. The laboratory is equipped with standards, which are sent directly to the National / International Standards Laboratory for calibration to ensure quality. The dedicated technical staffs place an emphasis on quality, integrity and customer service. They are trained in accredited training provider locally and abroad.


The Industrial and Building Controls Department is engage in System Integration, Repair, Maintenance, Installation, Programming, Start-up and Commissioning of Industrial Instruments and Controls; Building Automation System (BMS), Process Automation, Programmable Logic (PLC); Boiler, Burner, Oven & Furnace Control Automation; Electrical/Mechanical Control System and Paneling Works; Fire Detector, Access Control and Security System


The Sales Group goal is to provide fast response in handling customer inquiry and on site survey. They are the personnel who serve as army of Welltech in spreading, preserving the company image to customers and marketing our service capabilities.


The Quality Control Group assures excellence applies throughout our calibration and customer support services. The group measure, monitor and analyze the current effectiveness of the quality system as a means of determining and preventing non-conformities, to eliminate their causes and to implement actions necessary to continually improve the quality system.


The Environmental and Safety Group ensure that all projects handled by Welltech conform to safety regulation, legislation, contract provision, codes and standards as well as the requirements of the customer.


Welltech also maintains a satellite office in Cebu City as means of extending its quality products and services at a low cost for Visayas and Mindanao region.


Welltech Service Corporation recognizes its responsibility as provider of quality services. Every effort is made to continuously improve our Quality Assurance and Servicing System.